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Romesco Sauce | aprilscookbook.com

Romesco Sauce

Romesco sauce is made from roasted red pepper and almonds, comes from Northeastern Spain and was developed for use on fish by the fishermen in the area. The bon appetit recipe I used also suggests trying it on turkey. This sauce can also be used on vegetables or grains just as well. I decided to try…

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Vegan Parmesan | aprilscookbook.com

Vegan Parmesan Cheese

I am really into learning to cook vegan meals and snacks right now. The more I learn, the better my recipes come out. Since I am headed in a vegan direction, trying cheese replacements has been my new quest. The easiest switch to make toward a vegan diet is the butter swap. Vegan butter products are…

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Carrot Ketchup | aprilscookbook.com

Homemade Carrot Ketchup

So, it turns out you can add some carrot to a batch of homemade ketchup and nobody will notice. If you want to sneak some veggies into your kids’ french fry dip, this is one very easy way! The sweetness of the carrots compliment the tomato very nicely without adding any carrot flavor to the ketchup.…

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